Consultation: Proposal of Extra Care Living Scheme in Lockleaze

Architectural plan for residential development at former Blake Centre, Lockleaze, Bristol
Image Credit: 
Bristol City Council
19 January, 2021


A new residential development is being proposed on the site of the former Blake Centre in Lockleaze, with a mixture of Extra Care Housing for older people with care needs, and housing for younger people.

The consultation period has now begun, with public feedback from the consultation being fed into the outline planning application in March 2021, which will give more information such as the proposed use and height of buildings.

These initial plans include 60 affordable homes, and an emphasis on 'intergenerational living' - different generations living side by side in the community. There would be a mixture of public, private and semi-private spaces in the development, such as a lounge or communal meeting space in the Extra Care Housing apartments, which could be used by other people in the community.

The site had already been identified for possible development in the Lockleaze Voice Draft Neighbourhood Plan in 2015, but with no particular use outlined. Bristol City Council is working with Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust to engage with local people; there is a virtual Lockleaze Residents Planning Group meeting on Thursday 28 January. 

Studies will be carried out to predict the noise impact and environmental impact of any development, and Bristol City Council is working with environmental specialists to do this. Sustainability is an important part of the plans; current features include:

  • New and existing trees and green spaces.
  • An electric vehicle charging point.
  • A new shared cycle and pedestrian path, which improves links with other cycle routes in the wider area.
  • Nectar-rich planting (encouraging bees and other insects).
  • The potential for a living roof, where a roof is covered in vegetation. The living roof works to filter carbon dioxide, insulate a building and provide a habitat for wildlife.

You have until 1 February 2021 to respond to the consultation.

To discuss any questions about the plans before you submit your response, please email Claudette McDonald, Project Manager in Bristol City Council Housing Delivery Team, or call 0117 352 5144.