Council tax reduction scheme available to those with coronavirus-related financial difficulties

7 April, 2020


Bristol City Council has reaffirmed its support for those struggling to pay their council tax during the COVID-19 crisis.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, the council already offered reductions to those who might be struggling due to financial difficulties.

Now the council is reassuring residents that it will extend this support to those finding it difficult to pay as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

The council has also stated that it will not penalise people that miss payments during this time and no interest will accrue. However, the debt will still need to be paid off at a later date.

The council plans to contact those who have missed payments at a later date in order to offer support.

The council’s tax reduction scheme is means-tested and funding from central government means that it can now provide additional support of up to £150 this year for working age households.

Anyone who believes they are eligible for a reduction in their Council Tax is advised to contact Bristol City Council Benefits Service:


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