Early years childcare study on language and behaviour

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Photo by d-olwen-dee CC BY 2.0
13 July, 2017

A recent study commissioned by the Department for Education has found that early years education can lead to improvements in language and behaviour. The Study of Early Education and Development tracked the progress of around 6,000 children, finding that early education at age two had a significant impact on language and socio-emotional development when children were assessed at age three.

The study estimated that if this resulted in attainment by age seven then the financial benefits over their life, through reducing the risk of truancy and exclusion, higher earnings and reducing the cost of special educational need support, would be around £60,000 per child.  

The benefits of early education and care were found regardless of a child's family level of disadvantage.

Benefits were evident whether early education and care were provided by childminders or in group settings such as nurseries and playgroups.

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