Election: Manifesto Hub - charities' policy priorities for the next government

22 May, 2017
The key political parties have published their manifestos ahead of the general election on 8 June. Alongside these, many expert VCSE sector organisations, along with those in other sectors, have come forward, putting on record their policy priorities for the next parliament. 
Politics Home has created the ‘Manifesto Hub’, which is an easy-to-access resource which collects all of these manifestos together in one place. Here you can find the political parties manifestos and also all the manifestos published by charities and campaign groups.
From the home affairs to education, Manifesto Hub showcases the policy positions that will inform the next government all in one place.
“Looking at the political parties manifestos as expected, there is very little mention of charities, volunteering or the voluntary sector” says Politics Home; that is what makes this resource so important as it raises our sector’s profile and helps other to join in the campaign and share their voices.
For more information on the General Election and the VCSE sector, click here.
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