Get your ducks in a row: Charity Commission set to streamline services in 2018

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20 July, 2017
The Charity Commission is working to make its service more efficient and accessible by developing a new, online ‘one stop shop’ portal. Here VCSE organisations will be able to access easy-to-find advice and guidance, tailored to the size and type of charity. The Charity Commission aims to have the portal up and running by the end of 2017.
Charities will be able to digitally submit their annual return through an improved online form, set to go live on 31 August 2017. The new form is expected to drastically cut the amount of time needed to submit future annual returns, as charities will only have to update information that has changed – as opposed to completely re-entering everything each year.
Other processes are expected to happen more quickly, such as changing a charity’s name – which is expected to take just 24 hours - in contrast to the current average of 33 days.


Changes to the annual return form
In response to concerns raised by NCVO, the Charity Finance Group and the Association of Charitable Foundations, the Charity Commission recently announced that there will be no major changes to the questions in the annual return in 2017. Instead there will be a full consultation in the Autumn in which the Charity Commission will outline the changes it wishes to make in 2018. Charities will be invited to comment on potential impacts and unintended consequences.


Find out more about the Charity Commission's services here.
Read a blog piece by the Charity Commission's new CEO
, Helen Stephenson, outlining her key priorities.

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