"Goodbye" Black Friday - "hello" Fair Saturday!

10 May, 2018

For a few years now, a global cultural movement has been building, as a positive response to Black Friday. In 2018 - it is coming to Bristol!

The concept of Black Friday sits very differently with different people. Although embraced by a large number, who take to the shops in their droves, many others object to the consumerism on varying grounds, wanting something more enriching for local people to get involved in.

Fair Saturday first emerged in the city of Bilbao, Spain, as a day to celebrate arts and culture in our communities. It takes place the day following Black Friday and encourages artists and cultural organisations to hold public events that champion local social causes. 

Over 10,000 artists and organisations participated in Fair Saturday 2017, holding 582 shows in 114 cities! Over 120,000 attendees got involved and this generated around 191,000 Euros for social projects.

Paloma Rodrigo, Fair Saturday Project Manager (UK), says: "We are quite used to seeing the world stop for football matches, for politics, for Valentines Day and for movements like Black Friday. Is this the society we want to live in? This year, Bristol will have Black Friday for sure, but we will also celebrate Fair Saturday!"

Bristol will be officially leading the movement in 2018 as Fair Saturday somes to the UK. So get the 24 November in your diaries now and start thinking about what you can plan in your own communities. 

If you want to know more or if you are interested in being part of it visit: www.fairsaturday.org

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