Government announces £85 million match fund

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22 July, 2020

The government has opened the Community Match Challenge – a match-funding scheme for initiatives supporting the coronavirus response.

Under the scheme, grant makers can apply for a share of £85 million, with grants expected to be in the range of £5–20 million; applications below £1 million will not be considered.

Grants should primarily be used to support small and medium sized charities and can be spent in England only. The scheme will be open until 31 August and all funds must be spent by March 2021.

Partnerships can apply as long as at least one organisation is a grant maker.

A further £4.8 million will be used to fund the Community Sector Emergencies Partnership. This money will be used to open regional hubs that will coordinate local volunteers, as well as to develop a digital tool for identifying where volunteer help is needed.

The funding is not new; it has been taken from the £750 million charity coronavirus support package that was announced in April. It was part of the £200 million that was to be disseminated by NLCF, however it was held back by government in order to be distributed following a review of the initial funding.

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