Government publishes guidance on the Brexit ‘Repeal Bill’ for businesses and organisations

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4 August, 2017
The Government has published a guide for businesses and organisations around the passage of the Repeal Bill. It provides an overview to employers, plus information on consumer protection, the environment, and it outlines the next steps.
The guide contains links to more detailed factsheets on the Bill itself, ‘workers’ rights and equalities’, and consumer and environmental protections. For regular updates, you can subscribe to the Stakeholder e-bulletin.


What is the Repeal Bill?
The Bill will repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and convert EU law into domestic law on the day we leave the EU. The Government says that this law is ‘designed to provide as much certainty and continuity as possible for businesses, workers and consumers, regardless of the outcome of the negotiations’,
There is more to Brexit than the Great Repeal Bill, however. A paper by the Institute for Government found that up to 15 additional bills will be required to deliver Brexit. Delivering these will place considerable strain on both parliament and government departments. The paper warns that:


'the extent of legislative change required will inevitably lead to the Government using different routes to make Brexit-related changes – such as using secondary legislation to amend primary legation (so-called 'Henry VIII powers') – that are subject to less parliamentary scrutiny'.
NCVO, along with a group of charities and wider civil society organisations, will be monitoring the passage of the Bill through Parliament, to ensure that powers given by the bill can only be used to make technical changes required to make sure the law continues to operate effectively after Brexit, and not to make substantive alterations to policy. The bill will come before parliament in September, and is expected to be passed by the end of the year. Read more on this here.


View the guide here.

View a helpful Q&A around the Repeal Bill here.

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