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Dunhill Medical Trust
28 January, 2019


The Dunhill Medical Trust offers two funding schemes for community-based organisations which work directly with older people who need some form of extra support to make everyday living that bit easier: 


Project Grants cover applications of between £5,000 - £40,000 for time-limited projects which focus on the development of care and support services for older people which are innovative and/or based on evidence of best practice and which can become self-sustaining within a planned period. Priority will be given to services which are focused on older people, enhance existing mainstream services and which are not currently funded by statutory organisations elsewhere in the UK.  The Trust will expect the beneficiary organisation to have a robust plan to create the ongoing revenue to maintain the service as the charitable funding diminishes and to have processes in place to ensure minimum disruption to the beneficiaries in implementing these plans. Grants can support up to 36 months work.


Building and Infrastructure Grants of between £5,000 and £100,000 are awarded for the provision of accommodation /developments in the built environment for older people to enhance and maintain their health, well-being and independence and/or specific pieces of equipment or furnishings which can be used for the care and support of individuals. Priority will be given to care facilities which are focused specifically on older people and where it has not been possible to obtain the necessary funding from statutory organisations. The beneficiary organisation is required to give a written commitment to bear the revenue costs of the environment and/or equipment, including its maintenance and staffing.

Applications can only be considered from organisations or groups which are charitable as defined by UK charity law. This includes UK registered charities and relevant exempt charities.


The next deadline to apply for both grant streams is 29th March 2019 at 17.00.

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