Homelessness and Health for Disadvantaged Groups

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Photo by Mabacam CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
12 July, 2017

The National Housing Federation has worked with a range of specialist organisations on a report exploring the specific issues linked to homelessness that affect particular disadvantaged groups.

Their new report, 'Homelessness and health for disadvantaged groups', highlights the challenges that individuals from disadvantaged groups face in accessing appropriate housing and support. It was created as part of the Voluntary and Community Sector Strategic Partnership Programme. 

Topics in the report include:

  • Homelessness and mental health.
  • Homelessness, health and Black and Minority Ethnic people.
  • Homelessness, health and people in the criminal justice system.
  • Homelessness, health and older people.
  • Homelessness, health and LGB&T communities.
  • Homelessness and health for women.

Each section lays out the key issues and makes recommendations. Download the full report here.