Homelessness funding plus Voscur support offer

15 August, 2018


Comic Relief

 “Preventing Homelessness and Insecure Shelter”  -  Voscur offer

This new fund from Comic Relief aims to work with organisations who are driving programmes which aim to break the cycle of repeated homelessness and insecurity, and to support people to overcome the human cost and trauma of these experiences. 

Comic Relief wants to ensure long-term change happens when communities take their place at the table, working alongside government, private sector and civil society. Comic Relief is interested in solutions which link local organisations into global movements for change. Support is available for organisations to invest in telling compelling stories, drive learning that will shape future practice, and engage in effective advocacy and influencing on the issue.

  • Funding is available for 3-5 years.
  • Single applicants can apply for between £150k and £300k.
  • Consortiums can apply for up to £750k.
  • Funding can be used to cover the core costs/ overheads of an organisation/partnerships, or specific projects and activities, or a mixture of the two. 

Comic Relief is interested in work that;

  • Uses a rights based approach.
  • Uses a participatory approach; valuing the experience and insights from people directly affected by homelessness and shelter insecurity, at all stages of the project.
  • Recognises the complexity of people’s needs, the effects of trauma, uncertainty, violence and abuse, and works in partnership to meet these needs. 
  • Contributes to a movement for change, translating the learning from communities into effective advocacy, collective action and influence. 

They will also consider supporting a small number of Social Tech projects.

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Voscur offer

One of the ways that Voscur works to support the sector is by working with and leading the development of consortia and partnerships. This Comic Relief fund actively encourages partnership applications. According to the funder’s requirements, organisations with more than £250,000 annual turnover may apply. Voscur is aware that there are VCSE organisations in Bristol that work on homelessness prevention that are smaller than and therefore would not be eligible for this fund. We also know that smaller organisations may want to offer services to meet the fund’s aims.

Voscur’s offer to the sector is to coordinate the development of a new consortium and to lead an application to this fund. Given that smaller organisations are not able to apply individually, this offer is specifically for smaller VCSE organisations that work in Bristol.



Voscur anticipates that up to 5 organisations will join this consortium; anything more is likely to be unwieldy and impractical. Time is tight and there will be a requirement for organisations that want to be included to commit fully to this process – this is likely to mean:

  • attending all meetings, providing the same person for continuity
  • submitting, producing and reviewing documents between meetings, and
  • gaining the necessary approvals inside their organisation.

Voscur will undertake due diligence as part of this process – to ensure that consortium members are robust and effectively managed (meeting Comic Relief requirements) and to minimise risk.


How to get involved

  1. Read the fund information and criteria
  2. If your organisation is interested, has annual turnover of less than £250,000 (in the last set of accounts) and is able to participate fully in consortium and application development, please express interest to Voscur of being part of a consortium application led by Voscur – by emailing mark@voscur.org with:
    1. your name
    2. a short biography of your organisation (100 words)
    3. an outline offer (100 words that described activities that your organisation could contribute to the consortium’s proposal and delivery)
    4. your consent for Voscur to share this information with other interested organisations.


Outline process

15/8/18 – fund opens to applications

22/8/18 – deadline for expressions of interest to Voscur

28/8/18, 3-4.30pm – first meeting of Voscur-led consortium – focus on consortium development and structure

4/9/18, 4-5.30pm – first meeting to develop the proposal

17/9/18 3-5pm – second meeting to finalise the proposal

26/9/18 – consortium members and Voscur formally approve the application

1/10/18 – Comic Relief’s deadline for applications




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