Improving care for victims and survivors of sexual assault

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6 July, 2017
The Police and Crime Commissioners, the Police service and NHS England are working together to plan and buy Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) services in the South West of England.
They are currently seeking views from a range of people and organisations to help inform the new SARC service. They have already talked extensively to users of these services and have further workshops and discussions planned. Service user representatives will be part of the group of people making the final decision about who provides SARCs in the future.
SARCs are a special service where victims and survivors of rape or sexual assault can receive immediate help and support. These services will go live on 1st October 2018 and replace existing provision. Under the new proposals, SARCs would offer quality healthcare and forensic services on a single visit, following sexual assault. People can either refer themselves or be referred by another service or the police.
Patients would be offered a referral to therapeutic services and Independent Sexual Violence Advisers, who can provide support over a number of weeks, months or even years.  It is therefore intended that these services would be based locally to make ongoing access easier.
More information about this work can be found here.
Those who are interested in participating in the consultation can get in touch by emailing 
Ideally, comments to be received by end July, but they will continue to consider comments until third week in August.
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