Join Operation Youth Vote!

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Elliott Stallion via Unsplash
11 November, 2019



Voscur is calling upon organisations working with young people and students to encourage their stakeholders to register to vote by midnight on the 26 November in order to have their say in the General Election on the 12 December.

At Voscur we believe that voting is one of the most effective ways that citizens can exercise influence over the future of their country and community.

However, election turn out amongst young people is often low for a variety of reasons. It's therefore no wonder that many feel alientated and disempowered.

A common factor stopping young people from voting is that many do not realise that they need to be registered or are not aware of the deadline. Students especially often fall foul of this. 

The call comes at the same time as Bristol City Council launches its own campaign, specifically aimed at encouraging students to vote.


Who can vote?

Voting is open to UK citizens or those living in the UK who are aged 18 or over on Election Day; however, you must be registered in order to take part.

You will need to register to vote if you:

  • Are not already registered to vote
  • Have recently moved to a new constituency
  • Have turned or are going to turn 18

Students also have the option to be registered both at their home and term-time addresses, although they can only vote once.

You can register if you are 16 or 17, however you will not be able to actually vote until you turn 18.

Registration is quick and easy, just visit: and you can also choose to register anonymously.

The deadline for those who wish to vote by post is 5pm on 26 November.

You can also check if you are already registered to vote.