Kusuma Trust

15 August, 2017

Small Grants Concept Note (download)





We understand the valuable work of charities in England and the difference their work can make. We support selected charities in England working with disadvantaged young people.

We provide grants up to a maximum of £10,000 for organisations that enable disadvantaged young people to have more opportunities in education or employment. Registered charities in England can apply for these grants.

You must provide:
– A valid current registration as a charity with the Charity Commission for England and Wales with a valid UK registered bank account in the name of the organisation
– A 2-page concept note

You must show that:
– You will target young people aged 11-21 from disadvantaged and deprived backgrounds in England
– You will focus on providing pathways to higher education and/or employment.

Particular merit will be given to organisations that meet one of the following criteria:
– Work with young people outside a formal setting
– Target young people no longer in school, supporting them in life skills or employability
– Further education or apprenticeships

We are looking to support projects that work with hard-to-reach young people, building their confidence and aspiration.

Areas we will fund:
– Programmes
– Feasibility studies, project evaluations and community consultations
– Core costs for delivery
– Training
– Strategy development

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