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3 November, 2017

The Law Society Charity supports organisations whose work is related to the law and the legal profession, and whose activities would be likely to benefit from funds made available on behalf of solicitors.

Projects will be considered for support if they help meet the charity's aims and objectives criteria.

Who does the charity help?

We only support projects that promote:

  • Human rights
  • Access to justice
  • Legal education

Please note that we are not able to give grants to –

  • Charities falling outside these headings, such as medical charities
  • Individual students seeking help with their studies
  • Locally-based bodies such as law centres, Citizens’ Advice Bureaux

We cannot help individual students pursue their studies. Applications which do not on their face seem to fall within the Charity's objectives will not be considered.

Applications which do not on their face seem to fall within the Charity’s objectives will not be considered.

How much does the Charity give out?

Grants are normally in the range £5,000 - £15,000. If you ask for more than this any grant will be scaled down to below £15,000. We may regard your asking for a very large amount as an indication that the project and your hopes for funding it, are unrealistic, and reject it on that basis.

Grants are usually on a one-off basis, but can occasionally be spread over two or three years.

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