Local funding from the Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106

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Bristol City Council
5 February, 2019


Funding is available from Bristol City Council's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) and Section 106 money for local development projects in Bristol, with funds to be allocated by local committees. The amount of money will vary by area, according to how many new developments are being built nearby. 

CIL is money charged by local authorities (in this case, Bristol City Council) to new developments that create at least 100m² of new or additional floor space, or new homes. A share of the money raised from the CIL can be given by Bristol City Council to local communities, where it can be put towards infrastructure projects that benefit residents. 25% of the CIL fund in Bristol will be allocated to priority areas with a Neighbourhood Development Plan (Old Market and Lawrence Weston). 15% of the CIL fund will be allocated to non-priority local neighbourhoods. 

Examples of projects that would be eligible include:

  • Improvements to community buildings
  • Improvements to parks
  • Improvements to a library or doctor's surgery
  • Pedestrian crossings

Funding will also come from Section 106, part of planning legislation, where developers are charged a fee to balance out the negative effects of any building development. Section 106 money is allocated to six different area committees across Bristol. 

To be eligible, your Voluntary, Community or Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisation must be based in Bristol or deliver services in Bristol, must focus on social good, and must not be a government organisation or focused on promoting political or religious beliefs. For full criteria, click here

For more information, please contact your local ward councillor or the Community Resource Team (email neighbourhoods&communities@bristol.gov.uk; call 0117 922 2135). 

Two local events, organised by Bristol City Council, are being held so that organisations can find out more about the committee decision-making process, and what kind of proposals each committee is looking for. These events will take place on Monday 11 February and Wednesday 13 February 2019 at City Hall. Click here for details and to sign up.

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