National Vegetarian Week grants up to £2,000

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National Vegetarian Week/Vegetarian Society
22 January, 2019

Small grants of up to £200 and large grants of up to £2,000 are available for groups and organisations planning an activity for National Vegetarian Week (13-19 May 2019). Those eligible for grants include not-for-profit organisations (such as Brownies, Scouts, schools and youth clubs), informal groups of friends, parents or students, and student societies for vegetarians or vegans. 

If you are applying for a larger grant, your proposed activity should make a bigger difference to those involved.

All activities must take place during May 2019 and promote vegetarian food - exclusively, National Vegetarian Week 2019. Activities can appeal to current vegetarians and vegans, but also meat-eaters looking to reduce their meat intake and explore vegetarian food.

The grant could potentially fund room hire, food and ingredients, cookery demonstration materials, transport costs, and so on. Posters and flyers are available for free to help promote your activity.

Deadlines for grant applications are:

  • Sunday 3 March for large grants.
  • Sunday 17 March for small grants (first deadline).
  • Sunday 14 April for small grants (second deadline). 

Click here for more details, including application guidance.

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