NCVO launches manifesto for the next government

18 November, 2019


The National Committee of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has launched its manifesto for the next government, calling for greater political and financial investment into charities and volunteering, as well as ore recognition for the role which the sector plays in shaping the country’s future.

In an announcement, the organisation says that it wants to see a rethink of how volunteering, the voluntary sector and its connection to wider society are seen. It also wants the health of charities and volunteering to be a mainstream concern.

In particular, the organisation has put forward six areas for improvement:

  • An economy that is fair for everyone
  • A greater role in a more open democracy
  • An inclusive and open society, with strong rights and protections for everyone
  • A renewed relationship with government
  • Volunteering strengthened and valued
  • Public services fit for today and tomorrow

NCVO is encouraging organisations to share the manifesto with their constituency’s election candidates in order to get their support for it.

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