New community-focused drug and alcohol services announced

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7 November, 2017
After a consultation and commissioning process that started in 2016, Bristol City Council has announced a new programme of community-focused drug and alcohol treatment services. The new approach is designed to provide better, more coordinated services to help people get the support they need to recover – and make best use of reduced resources.
Kath Williams, Contracts and Commissioning Manager at Safer Bristol, said: “We’re really pleased that the new ROADS (Recovery Orientated Alcohol and Drugs Service) programme will invest in local expertise and innovation. Bristol is lucky to have a wealth of great service providers, and these new contracts will build on their collective experience to improve the support citizens receive when they need it.” 
Voscur supported a range of local specialist organisations to contribute to the design of the new services and commissioning strategy, and we are pleased to see that this input shaped the final decisions. Of 19 recommendations submitted, 13 were incorporated into the commissioning plan. Voscur also provided separate support to some of the groups who will deliver the new programme.
Lorraine Bush, CEO of Hawkspring, one of the groups that Voscur supported, said: “Everyone at Hawkspring are delighted to receive the news that we will be supporting DHI to deliver recovery services in south Bristol as part of their citywide contract. We want to thank Voscur for all the support in preparation of the recommissioning process and guidance which enabled us to set up a memorandum of understanding.”
Voscur’s Head of Commissioning and Collaboration, Mark Hubbard, commented: “This second round of the commissioning of these important services has been very interesting. It was good to be involved, as advisor to the commissioning board, and to help the process incorporate learning and respond to new challenges in the community. I am particularly pleased that some smaller Bristol VCSE organisations are sub-contracted in new arrangements. This is a great model for smaller organisations to deliver public services.”
As social challenges related to drug and alcohol use, such as homelessness and poor mental health, remain priorities for Bristol, the new ROADS programme should positively impact individuals and the quality of life of the city more widely.
The new contracts, which have all been awarded to local providers, will start on 1 February 2018 and run for five years initially, with the option to extend for up to nine years. More information about the current ROADS service and the support available is set out on the Council’s website.
If your organisation could benefit from the kind of specialist commissioning, collaboration, funding or organisational development support Voscur provided to organisations successful in the ROADS programme, do get in touch or contact Mark Hubbard or David Whittaker directly. Voscur provides a wide range of capacity building support and specialist development advice. You can find out more about our bespoke training and consultancy services here.
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