New scheme lends cars to volunteers and key workers

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3 April, 2020


A new community initiative has been launched that enables people to lend their cars to key workers and the voluntary sector during the COVID-19 crisis.

The initiative, known as Karshare, provides roadworthy, clean and insured vehicles that the voluntary sector can use free of charge to maintain essential services for the vulnerable.

These are provided by people that are not currently using their cars due to being furloughed or home working.

The initiative is being led by airport community car sharing scheme, Car and Away. Graeme Bell, Car and Away’s Head of Mobility and Partnerships said:

“We recognise the voluntary sector will be increasingly reliant on vehicles in the weeks and months to come. Organisations not only will be down on numbers as a result of their workforce having to self-isolate but also have the pressure of having to reconfigure their operating model to deliver to people rather than welcoming people into their location, be it a food bank or a drop-in / community centre. The same applies for the collection of donations which is equally important right now.

“We have cars and vans available ready to put to good use and we do all the necessary vehicle and driver vetting which we know is a headache for organisations when their focus is service provision to those in need.”

In order to be eligible, drivers need to have held a full driving licence for a minimum of 24 months and have no more than three points.

According to the Karshare website, cars must be less than 15 years old and be available for one week over the next few months.

Karshare will clean, sanitise, check and insure the vehicle ready for volunteers or key workers to use. They will then sanitise the vehicle again before returning it to you.

Learn more about how to borrow a car or how to lend your car.

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