Peace and Security programme

3 November, 2017

Following more than a decade of the “War on Terror”, The Joseph Roundtree Charitable Trust believe that many aspects of the dominant approaches to defence and security are counter-productive and can serve as drivers of violent conflict both overseas and in the UK. They are also deeply concerned at the extent to which the values that underpin these approaches are embedded at all levels of society in the UK.

They seek a shift in the UK defence and security paradigm away from highly militarised and “securitised” responses towards a new approach based on participatory and accountable governance, human rights, non-violence, diplomacy and mediation, and environmental sustainability.

They wish to support a transition towards:

  • the use of 'soft', rather than 'hard' power as a first line of response to conflict within our society and around the world
  • the de-legitimisation of violence as a tool for responding to conflict, securing interests or projecting power
  • a culture of human rights and non-violent problem-solving, promoted at all levels of society.

Specific exclusions

In addition to the Trust’s general exclusions, the following types of work will not be funded:

  • work focused directly on interpersonal violence, domestic violence, or violence against children
  • work focused solely on specific local or regional conflicts in the UK or overseas (with the exception of work funded through our Northern Ireland programme)
  • work which focuses directly on the recovery of people affected by violent conflict
  • academic research, except as an integral part of policy and campaigning work that is central to our areas of interest
  • work focused more exclusively on other governments’ policy than on that of the UK, unless the work is on pacifism or conscientious objection to military service
  • work which seems only to ‘preach to the converted’.

Application deadlines

The next deadline for applications to the Peace and Security programme is 12 noon on Monday 18 December 2017. Please note that we have split deadlines for our programmes - for further information see When to apply.

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