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7 November, 2017


Sandy Hore-Ruthven, Voscur's Chair Article written by Sandy Hore-Ruthven, Voscur's Chair of Trustees

As Chair of Voscur I have been asked to represent the voluntary sector on the new partnership board for the One City Plan. 

The One City Plan is driven by the Mayor and aims to create a vision and strategy for Bristol to 2050.  The idea being, if business, the public and voluntary sectors all share a plan for the Bristol we are more likely to be successful in achieving our aims and, more importantly, ensuring everyone in the city shares in its success.

The City Plan will bring together issues as diverse as Transport, Health, skills, economic prosperity and the environment.  It will form the overarching vision that should guide new strategies on all of these issues and stop them working against each other. 

The Partnership have only met once so far so it is early days, however, they are an impressive group from diverse backgrounds and the quality of the discussion has been good.  Just being in the room with senior leaders from Business and the public sector is important in raising our profile and the role the voluntary sector plays in the city. 

The Council has been gathering views and ideas that are beginning to form the essence of the plan but nothing is yet set in stone.  Marvin is due to launch the first draft plan in the Spring of 2018. The first stage will be to propose the outcomes we want to work on as a city – ready for the consultation in January. 

Please do feel free to send me any thoughts and suggestions for outcomes or priorities and I will ensure they are fed into the process. My email address is:

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