Rights and Justice programme

3 November, 2017

JRCT is concerned that the rights of vulnerable and marginalised communities in the UK are being eroded, particularly Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities, migrants and refugees. We believe that equality and human rights play a vital role in protecting the most vulnerable and in turn benefit the whole of society. We need to grow public support and empathy for the rights of vulnerable racial and religious minorities, to hold governments to account and to strengthen the hand of those advocating with and for these communities.

Other factors

JRCT focuses on work at both a national and European level, although work at a European level is limited and must have direct relevance to communities living in the UK. Funding for European work related to refugees and migrants is primarily channelled through the European Programme on Integration and Migration.

Whilst our focus is to support national advocacy and campaigning, the Trust is open to applications which aim to effect structural change at local and regional levels of policy-making, provided the applicant can demonstrate the wider significance of the work.  

Across the policy, JRCT places an emphasis on supporting those who have direct experience of racism and oppression.

Specific exclusions

In addition to the Trust’s general exclusions, JRCT will not fund:

  • work related to specific aspects of equality: age, disability, gender,  sexual orientation
  • work concerned with relationships between communities rather than tackling structural injustices
  • service provision or training projects.

Application deadlines

The next deadline for applications to the Rights and Justice programme is 12 noon on Monday 4 December 2017. Please note that we have split deadlines for our programmes - for further information see When to apply.

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