Specialist Provision Invitation to Tender – West of England Works

11 July, 2017

The West of England Works Project is jointly funded by the Big Lottery Fund and the European Social Fund and is intended to support unemployed and economically inactive individuals to progress towards and into employment. We seek to engage individuals with multiple and complex barriers who are not effectively catered for by other employability programmes and offer an individualised and holistic programme of support to increase their employability and confidence to secure work. The project operates across the West of England Area, is supported by a budget of c.5.8m and runs until 31st December 2019.

The West of England Works Project plans to enhance the range of support available to support our participants through establishing a comprehensive network of organisations offering Specialist Provision.

Within the project, each participant is supported by an ‘Anchor Partner’ with responsibility for either a specific geographic or thematic area. The Anchor Partner will deliver most of the participant’s individualised programme of support directly but we anticipate that some participants may present with specific rare or complicated issues that go beyond the expertise or capacity of the Anchor Partner to effectively address. In such circumstances we plan to draw upon the expertise and experience of the wider voluntary and community sector through creating a network of organisations able to offer specialist provision that compliments the programme of support offered by the Anchor Partner.

If you are a public or voluntary and community sector organisation who is able to offer such support we invite you to tender to become a Specialist Provider.

For more information concerning this invitation to tender, a list of the areas the Specialist Provision may include and details of how to respond, please visit: Please visit our website for a: www.westofenglandworks.org.uk/procurement


The opportunity to submit a tender will remain open for the duration of the project. In order to be considered for approval at the first evaluation panel please submit your tender no later than noon on Friday 21st July 2017.

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