Stephen Lloyd Awards: up to £20,000 for innovative projects from VCSE organisations

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Stephen Lloyd Awards
27 March, 2019


The Stephen Lloyd Awards welcome applications from charities, social enterprises, non-profits and organisations with innovative problem-solving ideas for a charitable project. Up to £20,000 will be awarded to winning applicants; preference will be given to new and emerging groups, rather than large organisations. 

Your idea should involve solving a problem systematically, and the money must only be designed for charitable purposes. Examples include:

  • Lobbying work.
  • High-profile campaigns.
  • Meeting social need in a sustainable way.
  • Creating a new legal form or financial structure.

You are invited to contact supporters of the awards (listed here) if you already know them, and ask them to back your project idea. Please don't contact any supporters you don't have a relationship with.

Applications close on Friday 5 April 2019. Click here for more details and to apply.

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