Sustainable Future programme

8 November, 2017

JRCT is deeply concerned about climate change and its effects, and believes that our care for future generations morally compels us to play a part in tackling it. We see it as both a symptom of our unsustainable and unjust global economic system, and a cause of serious injustice and conflict both now and in the future. Addressing climate change will require long-term political, economic and social changes. Trustees are aware that there is much work to be done in this field and JRCT’s funds are limited.

Funding priorities

The overall focus is on developing and promoting sustainable, low-carbon alternatives to the current consumerist and growth-based paradigm.  We will support a range of actions to achieve these aims, recognising this might include defending current policies, frameworks and regulations.

Other factors

JRCT recognises that the issues are worldwide. However, this programme has a UK focus, to take advantage of the body of thought and expertise that already exists here, and in recognition of the UK’s influential global role in maintaining current financial and market systems.

Specific exclusions

In addition to the Trust’s general exclusions, JRCT will not fund:

  • conservation projects
  • anti-consumerism campaigns which simply exhort people to be less consumerist, rather than encourage behaviour change resulting in sustainable living
  • measures that are limited to adapting to the effects of climate change rather than leading to long-term change
  • academic research and books, except as an integral part of policy, campaigning work or leading to practical change in enterprises or community action
  • local or national work anywhere outside the UK except for the specific circumstances outlined in section three.

Application deadlines

The next deadline for applications to the Sustainable Future programme is 12 noon on Monday 4 December 2017. Please note that we have split deadlines for our programmes - for further information see When to apply.


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