VCSE sector to play pivotal role in Bristol’s adult care and support

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Bristol City Council
31 July, 2018

The VCSE sector will play a key role in delivering adult care and support according to Bristol City Council’s new market provision statement.

Launched in early July, ‘Working with us for Better Lives’ sets out the council’s vision for radical changes that it intends to make to adult care and support over the coming years.

The vision is for people to get the right level and type of support at the right time to help prevent, reduce or delay the need for ongoing support and to maximise people’s independence.

The statement introduces a three-tier model for services that reflect the different levels of need that a service user experiences:

Tier 1 – Universal support ‘Help to help yourself’.

Tier 2 – Targeted support ‘Help when you need it’.

Tier 3 – Longer term formal services for people with needs that are eligible under the Care Act. “Help to live your life well.’

VCSE sector services will play a key role in tier one, providing support in the community that would prevent the need for interventions from more expensive and intensive tier two and three services.

The council will work with the VCSE sector, public health and its own community development team to create a joint understanding of, and support for, tier one provision. This will be achieved mainly through remodelling and realignment of current services.

The overall strategy states that rather than always getting directly involved, Bristol City Council will help promote independence and resilience by empowering people and communities, working more closely with partners, investing in community-led activity to help communities do more for themselves and raising more money as an authority, in a fair, business-like way

It aims to make cost savings whilst improving outcomes, commissioning and delivering quality services and keeping people at the heart of what it does.

The document also has a section dedicated to social value which outlines the council’s intention to spend 25 percent of its public services procurement budget with micro, small and medium sized businesses, social enterprises and voluntary/community organisations. It also commits 10 percent of the quality element of the price/quality ratio to social value when awarding contracts.

This could result in a greater flow of opportunity for VCSE organisations, with the adult care and support strategy creating an increase in demand for the sector’s services and greater capacity being created thanks to investment through the council’s social value policy.

The full market provision statement can be found here:



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