Voscur Advocate Elections August 2017

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10 August, 2017


Following the recent recruitment drive for Voscur Advocates, we have been successful in covering most of the vacancies with suitably qualified people.

We are now holding elections for vacancies for two of the boards - Learning City Partnership Board and Bristol Safeguarding Children Board.

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Learning City Partnership Board

The Partnership Board aims to champion learning for all ages and all communities, commission activity to increase participation and achievement, communicate messages about learning and celebrate the benefits of learning as a way to transform lives.  The Partnership Board provides a framework to: connect planning, decision making and resources; engage citizens, educators and employers; and communicate with learners, organisations and stakeholders.

Key purpose

To be the guardian of the Learning City vision and ambition; inspiring, leading and promoting learning activities to transform the City and the lives of citizens

Person Specification

As a member of Learning City Partnership you:

1. Are visionary, ambitious and aspirational for Bristol and its citizens

2. Can influence others to encourage collaborate and reach decisions

3. Are committed to learning and able to act with integrity

4. Use your local and national connections to bring about lasting change

5. Will communicate your commitment through the media and related PR

Current knowledge and experience in Education at a senior level would be an advantage.

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Bristol Safeguarding Children Board

The main function of Bristol Safeguarding Children Board is to co-ordinate and lead work on child protection within Bristol.  It is made up of organisations and people working together to promote children's welfare and keep them safe.

Current knowledge and experience of safeguarding at a strategic level is required.

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Voting terms and conditions

1. Voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector organisations based, or working, in Bristol are eligible to vote

2. Each organisation can cast one vote for each Voscur Advocate position listed

3. Each organisation can vote for people nominated from their organisation

4. Read the supporting statements before voting; these can be accessed via the Voscur website here. 

Please vote by 5.00pm, Wednesday 6 September 2017.

For any queries contact Asma Ahmad, Children and Young People’s Network Co-ordinator, email asma@voscur.org. .

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