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26 June, 2017


Written by Jenny Wildblood, Voscur’s new Funding lead. Read more about Jenny here.


There’s a lot of doom and gloom on the funding front nowadays but I’m finding one thing very heartening  -  more and more funders want to support your core costs, those everyday running costs it used to be almost impossible to get grant funding for. Once upon a time  -  gather round children, whilst Granny tells you about the olden days  -  there was an unwritten agreement between Government and charitable Trusts and Foundations that the government provided most of the core costs, leaving the Charities to fund new work and projects.  All well and good, until the cuts came and grant funding from Government, local and national, more or less disappeared.

So now if the Trusts want you to keep going they have to commit to funding your regular and ongoing work. They also have to be much more flexible about how long they fund you for, how much they restrict what you can do with the money, what sort of reporting back you’ll have to do. Great news, except that this means the amount of funding will now have to be spread more thinly and targeted more tightly. But this is an opportunity for any organisation that is working with people in most need so if that’s you, and you are still assuming that Trusts won’t fund core-costs, you need to re-think your approach.

For more information about the support that we offer around funding and fundraising, including our funding bid review service and support for social enterprises, visit: www.voscur.org/services/funding

Find out about our regular training and events, tailored to voluntary, community and social enterprise groups. This quarter's programme includes an 'Introduction to Online Fundraising' with Localgiving!

To contact me directly for advice and support, email jenny@voscur.org or call our office on 0117 909 9949.

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