Voscur Blog: Laptop and cup of tea versus collection tins in the rain - time to demystify online fundraising!

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17 July, 2017


Written by Jenny Wildblood, Voscur’s new Funding lead. Read more about Jenny here.

I have to admit, until recently I was a long-term and committed Luddite when it came to online fundraising. Most of this was down to ignorance of how online fundraising happens  -  sometimes I find keeping up with new tech quite hard work!
But now I’ve been converted, mostly because I’ve realised that there’s nothing new about crowdfunding and the like at all. It’s still shaking a collection-box in the hope that nice people will pop a quid in, but adding the internet into the mix makes it all so much easier and gives you a much wider potential audience. You still have to be strategic and know what you’re doing but personally, I’d rather sit at home posting a few encouraging tweets than spend a drizzly afternoon outside Tesco’s, trying to look cheerful even though everyone is studiously ignoring me.
Funders (particularly if you’re planning a big capital project) often look for local income, funding raised from your neighbourhood that proves people are involved and supportive. A reasonably successful crowdfunding campaign is a great way to do this.
Voscur is working to support Localgiving’s Bristol support project, which will provide 1-2-1 online fundraising help. Grab your place by coming along to the launch workshop this Thursday or contact us on 0117 909 9949 to find out more.
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