Youth Music's grants programme

21 July, 2017

Youth Music’s grants programme provides funding for music-making projects in England. It is made up of three separate funds:

  • Fund A offers small grants for high quality music-making projects and involves a simple application process.
  • Fund B offers medium-sized grants for larger programmes of work.
  • Fund C offers grants for strategic programmes to help embed sustainable, inclusive music-making across a local area.

To decide which fund is most suitable for your project or programme, please take a look at the table on the choose your fund page, then follow the links to the relevant guidance.

Towards a musically inclusive England

Youth Music’s vision is that life-changing music-making is available to all children and young people.

Youth Music defines ‘musical inclusion’ as an approach to music learning that includes everyone and all types of music. This means that we want to see a true diversity of styles, genres, and approaches to learning available to children and young people from all backgrounds. We believe in supporting young musicians beyond first access, progressing on their individual journeys within environments that are equipped to meet their needs. Being musically inclusive means challenging our ideas of what music is for, who music is for, and what role it can have in all our lives.  

We believe that true musical inclusion can only happen if there are opportunities for all children and young people to be supported as musicians across all genres and styles, by practitioners who understand their needs and worldviews and who are equipped to help them on their individual learning journeys.  

We believe in the potential of all young musicians, and that many more would excel at music-making if they had the right support and opportunities.

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