The Flexible Learning package  is an exciting skills opportunity for organisations and employers to offer their workforce - if you have staff either paid or voluntary please read on ..



The Community Learning team are happy to inform you of an exciting skills opportunity that will benefit both you and your employees

FREE to employees

Maths & English courses to a nationally accredited level

Flexible learning packages

Fully supported teaching and guidance

Open to those with few or no previous qualifications

FREE to business

Meet your development obligations at no cost

Learning programmes tailored to your workplace requirements

Extensive benefits include proven

Increased productivity

Business growth

Employee satisfaction

Heightened recruitment profile

Creation of a training culture

            The flexibility of the course means we are able to be flexible around delivery and will be happy to adapt the classroom/online hours around your specific requirements

Simply tell us what you need.

We are developing a project regarding functional skills courses for employees who currently have low level Maths or English abilities . The funding for the project enables us to offer an accredited (OCR certificate) course in both subjects within a workplace setting ,with the aim of assessing the value of a flexible  blended learning scheme which incorporates IT and digital skills during the programme .

We are hoping to reach Bristol companies who are able to appreciate the positive benefits of engaging with the study programme and enabling their work force  to access these courses

The benefits to learners and businesses are extensive and the programme can be tailored to offer you maximum freedom around employee attendance. The adaptability of the course means we are able to be flexible around delivery and will be happy to adjust the classroom/online hours around your specific requirements, evenings, Saturdays, work place or other venues  -  simply tell us what you need !


The courses are free  and will take place from Jan to July 2019.The Community learning team will develop and deliver all the necessary administrative and learning outcomes at no cost to your company.

Please use the contact details below and we would be happy to  explain the scheme further. To discuss this and/or arrange an appointment, please mail me @ or call 0117 903 9784 there is no obligation presumed from our meeting and could benefit you  enormously.


0117 903 9784