Over 300 organisations are partnering up with the Marmalade Trust for the UK’s third Loneliness Awareness Week (LAW) it runs from 17th – 21st June 2019.

We are asking you to take part. Do you have a social event taking place in that week, could you organise something? A get together no matter how big or intimate, just reach out. You might invite your work colleagues to join together for lunch, invite some neighbours over for a piece of cake a cuppa and a chat. Organise a film night, a toddlers party...the list goes on but let us know if you would like to be involved and we can add you to our interactive map,  send you our pack with editable leaflets and flyers and other helpful tips.

Alternatively go onto our website and explore the map and see if there is anything you would like to take part in....the map is soon to be updated but keep your eyes out for the latest version.

This year The Marmalade Trust are hosting a gathering at Colston Hall on Friday 21st of June. It’s not taken its full shape yet but we can promise lots of activity and fun and chat so pencil it in....

This year The Marmalade Trust are exploring the language used when talking about loneliness…. Marmalade Trusts Amy Perrin explains “Rather than referring to loneliness as something that is ‘suffered from’ or ‘admitted to’, we’re encouraging people instead to use words like ‘feel’ or ‘acknowledge’. We believe changing language is the first step in changing the perception of loneliness as a negative, shameful or hopeless thing and educate people to see loneliness as a blank canvas on which they can fill their lives with new friends and experiences.”

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