National Energy Action has re-launched Smart Energy GB in Communities for 2018 and is currently offering free, accredited one-day training sessions for local organisations.

A new course in Bristol has been booked for Wednesday 26th September, venue tbc.

After the training course delegates will:

  • understand the role of Smart Energy GB and the campaign
  • understand the smart meter rollout and feel confident to respond to householder queries and challenges and know where to source additional information
  • be able to explain what a smart metering system does and how it works
  • understand and be able to use the in-home display, and know how to explain its functions to other people
  • know some of the barriers which may be faced by this year’s target group and how to overcome them
  • understand the smart meter installation process
  • understand the obligations and responsibilities held by the energy companies and their installers to protect householders throughout the smart meter rollout

Training this year is being offered to organisations who support  people over 60 (including those who do not have internet access) and/ or people who are severe or profoundly D/deaf as part of their work.

Smart meters will be replacing traditional gas and electricity meters in people’s homes between now and 2020, this upgrade to our energy system will help householders understand more about their energy use as the smart meter comes with an in-home display which will show usage in pounds and pence, making it easier to understand where appliances could be wasting energy and compare suppliers to get a better deal. It will also help tackle the issue of inaccurate bills based on estimated readings as the smart meter sends your meter readings automatically to the supplier.

NEA believes that smart metering has the potential to provide real benefits for vulnerable and low income householders, but only if these individuals are effectively engaged and supported throughout the process.

As well as training, we can also offer support with content for newsletters, or other tailored assistance e.g. support with shadowing or mentoring in advance of a partner going on to deliver a programme of activity – regional support can be very bespoke and essentially just looks to respond to the needs of the partner to enable them / equip them with tools and knowledge to ultimately assist their service users.

For those who undertake training we are asking two things; to let us know the number of people you plan to reach (and what activities they propose to reach them), and to hand out consumer surveys where possible.

Please get in touch if you are interested in the free training available on 26th September.

07730 760828