A group of researchers at the University of Bristol want to explore professional perspectives on talking therapies for women with post-traumatic stress disorder: specifically, interpersonal trauma such as domestic violence.


They would like to invite professionals who fund, manage or deliver psychological interventions to this population to participate in a one-off interview about their experiences and views. The interview can be arranged in person or over the telephone/Skype at a time and place convenient for you.  Travel expenses paid + £20 shopping voucher for your time.


The study is confidential so that you cannot be identified. Further details are on the enclosed Participant Information Sheet.


Your participation is entirely voluntary. If you are interested in taking part or finding out more, please contact the coMforT study team via:


Phone: 07970 683 238

Post: coMforT study, Canynge Hall, Bristol, BS8 2PS

07970 683 238