This intermediate-level, interactive course will give you hints, tips and practical advice to help improve your confidence in how you plan and use presentations to get your message understood and to influence your audience.

Wednesday, 14 October, 2015 -
09:30 to 15:30

Not sure where to go next with fundraising or feeling like it is a lot of work for little gain? If so, this course is for you. It introduces fundraising strategies and explains why they are useful, looks at external challenges and opportunities and starts to think about a variety of funding sources.

Tuesday, 13 October, 2015 -
09:30 to 15:30

This course will provide an overview of the essential Human Resources (HR) processes that may be delegated to managers.

We will cover:

  • disciplinary and grievance hearings;
  • managing sickness absence;
  • appraisals;
  • performance management;
  • equal opportunities;
  • the importance of contracts and staff handbooks;
  • interviewing and understanding the risk of legal challenge.

We will also consider the balance between running robust HR processes and ensuring a dynamic, engaged and productive team.

Wednesday, 23 September, 2015 -
09:30 to 15:30

This course, for anyone who recruits and supports volunteers, will identify why people volunteer and what stops people from volunteering, highlight best practice in recruiting volunteers, help you to create a volunteer role description and advert for recruiting volunteers and provide you with a range of effective recruitment techniques.

Who is it for?
Anyone who recruits and supports volunteers or anyone who is just starting in a role to recruit volunteers.

Wednesday, 16 September, 2015 -
09:30 to 12:30

The ideal trustee board contains a mix of people with a range of skills and experience. If we always recruit friends and people we know, we risk creating a board of similar trustees, while missing out on the chance to include new perspectives and ideas. Having said that, it can be time-consuming to recruit from a wider pool and many of us would not know where to begin.

This course will provide you with a plan and resources to help your recruitment of new trustees. Come and share your experiences of the challenges and discuss solutions to achieve success.

Wednesday, 9 September, 2015 -
09:30 to 13:00

This course can help enhance your funding applications and project planning. It offers a chance to look in more depth at the range of data and intelligence freely available online via the City Council and how to make best use of it. This course is being delivered by Bristol City Council.

Thursday, 9 July, 2015 -
09:30 to 13:30

Bristol has a number of locally based institutions making decisions which have an impact on our communities. As VCS activists, do you understand what these organisations are and how they make decisions?

This session will inform you about our elected Mayor, Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), business-led bodies such as the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and how they make decisions.

Wednesday, 8 July, 2015 -
12:00 to 14:00

The Trustee Network is open to any trustees, from the brand new to the very experienced. As well as a short presentation on a relevant topic, Trustee Network meetings offer a chance to meet other trustees and share good practice.

Wednesday, 1 July, 2015 -
18:00 to 20:00

This practical workshop will equip attendees with the correct tools to be able to communicate effectively with a range of audiences, from members of the public to stakeholders and beyond. Attendees will be able to try their hand at various disciplines and will be offered advice on PR, marketing, social media and website management.

Thursday, 25 June, 2015 -
09:30 to 13:00

Focused on governance, managing risk, effective meetings and how to make the most of the skills in your trustee team, this course is designed to support your development beyond the basics of being on a board.

Thursday, 18 June, 2015 -
18:00 to 21:00


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