Trans and Non-Binary ambassadors

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Part Time
3+ hours per week
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We are Rebel Girls Club. We are an extraordinary collective for anyone who identifies as a woman to come share, learn, connect, grow and be supported without judgement. It is a place where you can come and feel heard, valued and seen.

It has been just over a year since we launched and the response and growth has been truly phenominal.

We have done four intensive confidence courses, weekly- drop ins, markets, gatherings and graduation ceremonies not to mention radio interviews and articles from the BBC and Bristol 247. The future is looking absolutely incredible as we prepare for a summer of holding our own venue at famous festivals and being asked by channel 4 to be a part of a documentary about who we are and our story. We are also about to launch our own Radio show. 

This truly is an amazing opportunity to be a part of something exciting, rewarding and transformational.

We are looking to expand and solidify our core team of thinkers, makers, doers, collaborators and members.

At RGC our goal is to represent Women regardless of where they belong under the trans umbrella, and to ensure that less acknowledged voices in our community are heard.

Some of the key things we aim to do are: celebrating major events and milestones for the trans community, expanding gender-neutral narratives, focusing on safety within our community and beoynd , and educating as many people as possible about trans identities and challenges. We also want to make sure we are able to bring about the improvements trans and non binary persons would want to have.

 We have Two roles for Trans and Non-binary ambassadors.  Each  wonderful person will be responsible for developing, guiding and monitoring RGC'S inclusion and diversity protocol. We want all Trans and non-binary people to have a voice, to stand together strong and unite in freedom of expression and choice. 

The key responsibilities for this role are: 

*  To follow the 

Equality Act 2010

Gender Recognition Act 2004 (GRA

*  support, advise, challenge and fight for the rights of those who identify as LGBTQ to be able to have the same life chances and experiences as everyone else.

* Provide and help organise content, input, workshops or events ideas to further support and give a platform to all Trans and non-binary persons 

 Rebel Girls Club believe we can create a world where transgender persons are free to live openly, visibly, without fear of discrimination and violence. A world where their fundamental dignity and human rights are both recognized and respected. We have zero tolorence of discrimination toward any gender, ethnic backround or culture . Our general ethos is : If spreads hatred , we don't rate it. 

What will I get through volunteering with RGC? 

* You get to be a part of the incredible Rebel Girls Club!

*The opportunity to come to festivals, events, training programs and social gatterings for free 

* You choose your hours. There will never be any pressure to push past your capacity 

* Connections and friendships from all walks of life 

* Snacks, refreshments and a seat at our office when needed 

* A key member of the panel where you have a voice to make decisions, take action and show case anything you desire in our GM's 

* The opportunity to be a part of our podcasts and possible weekly local radio shows( as a host or guest) - with training included 

* The opportunity to feature in and be a part of our confidence courses, creative workshops, drop-ins and wellbeing retreats 

Please see these links further illustrating what we do:


We can't wait to hear from you 

Love , always 

Rebel Girls Club 

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Wednesday, 22 June, 2022 - 12:45
How to Apply: 

Please send an email to rebelgirlsclub2021@gmail 

or via our facebook page messenger 

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Jessica Mercedes
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