Project and Volunteer Coordinator

The Bristol Bike Project
The Bristol Bike Project
£21,498.75 pro rata
Contract Type: 
Full Time
37.5, mostly daytime with 2 evenings per month
Contract Details: 
Permanent (3 month trial period for both you and BBP to get to know each other)
Details of Role: 

The Bristol Bike Project is recruiting a Project and Member Coordinator to:

  • Recruit and manage BBP volunteers
  • Take responsibility for co-op HR
  • Manage co-op governance
  • Support our fundraising work 


The Bristol Bike Project (BBP) is a comprehensive community bike project, repairing and rehoming unwanted bicycles. We aim to help people from all walks of life get out on two wheels and for it to be an inclusive and empowering experience. From humble beginnings working from a back garden, BBP has grown into one of Bristol’s best known and most successful social enterprises. We’re now a dynamic community hub which - prior to the pandemic - was welcoming hundreds of people through our doors each week, whether to ‘earn’ a bike, volunteer, learn mechanics or just come and have a cuppa! 

The variety of issues our community face alongside the competing internal challenges of the organisation means the scope of the work is potentially limitless. As such the ability to prioritise your work and contribute sustainably is vital - recognising and working to your own capacity helps the organisation as a whole plan and progress projects and promotes your own wellbeing. 

Co-operative working

BBP is formed as a Co-operative Community Interest Company that is governed by our members (both volunteers and staff). At BBP we maintain that there’s no one person in charge and that responsibility for the success of the project is the shared responsibility of all members. 

We aim to have an equitable system of employment where no one role is more or less important than another - we therefore operate a flat pay structure (everyone is paid the same). For more information on how we work, please see our Co-op handbook. 

This role is described as a ‘coordinator’ role rather than a ‘manager’ to reflect our non-hierarchical structure and the value put on member and staff empowerment and enterprise. The successful applicant will be experienced and excited by working in this collaborative and empowering manner. 

The successful applicant will work closely with, and share some responsibilities with other staff and members, in particular our Community & Communications Coordinator. They will also be ready to engage with our membership in co-operative decision making processes. 

Role responsibilities

The main responsibilities of the role are outlined below. The responsibilities provide an indication of the capabilities that we will be expecting from the successful applicant (in addition to the capabilities and values outlined above). We encourage the successful applicant to bring their own experience to bear on the role and help shape the detail themselves.

This role may change and develop depending on the priorities and requirements of the Co-op. The successful applicant must therefore be dynamic in their skills and be willing to take on new and developing roles as and when required. 



Volunteer Coordination - on average 2 days per week

BBP has over 100 volunteers, who together give on average over 500 hours of their time each month to support our community programmes. Inducting, supporting and training our volunteers is a key part of the role and we are looking for someone with significant experience in this area. We need someone with great interpersonal skills who has the confidence to develop and manage a wide pool of volunteers.

Current responsibilities include:

  • Lead the development of a volunteer pathway.
  • Recruiting new volunteers - active outreach seeking to diversify our volunteer base and supporting project participants to increase involvement with BBP through volunteering.
  • Liaise with potential new volunteers to understand their own objectives and direct them to appropriate opportunities based on the Project’s needs.
  • Coordinate and deliver volunteer training and development programmes. Reviewing & developing the volunteering experience at BBP.
  • Coordinate regular volunteer social events.
  • Work with session leaders to coordinate and develop volunteers effectively.
  • Manage volunteer communication channels (emails and Whatsapp)
  • Reviewing and maintaining all volunteer handbooks and workshop crib sheets.
  • Connecting with the community / voluntary sector; developing relationships with partner organisations.
  • Volunteer pastoral support and dealing with issues that arise including grievance/disciplinary/complaints.


Co-op HR - on average 1.5 days per week

The successful candidate will lead on developing and implementing our HR processes & systems. We are looking for someone to take a creative approach to how HR can work successfully in a flat structured co-op.

  • Current responsibilities include:
  • Lead recruitment processes.
  • Coordinate the newly developed peer review process.
  • Lead the onboarding process for new staff members.
  • Develop and implement our HR policies, contracts & practices with support from Coops UK.
  • Coordinate the HR working group.
  • Organising staff training opportunities.
  • Develop and coordinate well-being support structures.
  • Organise team building activities.
  • Deal with and mediate staff grievances and disciplinaries with support from the Directors Group.


Co-op Governance - on average 1 day or less per week

BBP is a grassroots member-led co-operative.To find out more, please see our Co-op Handbook. Engaging members and making sure everyone’s voice is heard is a vital part of this role. We are looking for someone with great facilitation skills and experience in engagement and decision making techniques. 

Current responsibilities include:

  • Organising and contributing to the Member’s General Meetings (5 per year).
  • Organising yearly Director elections.
  • Coordinating the 'Ops Group’, whose representatives meet monthly to lead on BBP’s operational decision-making.
  • Reviewing and maintaining co-op policies regarding members, directors & all governance.
  • Develop and build member engagement with the co-op.
  • Running member inductions.
  • Membership administration (maintaining membership list, membership requests, yearly opt ins, etc.)
  • Maintaining BBP co-op handbook with support from the Governance working group.
  • Reviewing and developing the member experience at BBP and organising training for members.
  • Communications to members (internal updates, meeting notices, minutes etc).
  • Membership HR issues inc. grievance & disciplinary.
  • Coordinating the co-op’s Governance Working Group. 


Sustainable Funding Lead - as needed

At the Bristol Bike Project we pride ourselves on our sustainable business model. Our community shop raises 80% of the funds to run our project with the remaining 20% coming from fundraising in various forms. Not being too reliant on external funding makes us resilient to the ever changing circumstances of funders and allows us to remain autonomous.

For this reason we are careful about seeking time-limited grant funding, preferring to develop sustainable revenue streams through our shop and supporter schemes. We do however seek grants to kick start community programmes (led by the Community Coordinator) and grants to fund specific core costs when we feel this will support our work. The successful applicant will have experience or interest in community businesses and alternative economies as well as experience of fundraising. 

Current responsibilities include:

  • Implement and manage our Business Supporters Scheme.
  • Identifying grant funding for core costs or member/volunteer development and leading on applications and reporting.


Other responsibilities - on average 1 day a week

The role involves a number of other responsibilities which ensure the smooth running of the workshop and the Co-op as a whole. Some of these are rotated and/or shared with other staff & members and include:

  • Signposting visitors and handling enquiries via email, social media and phone.
  • Supporting the Co-op’s Directors Group.
  • Facilitating staff meetings and wider decision-making processes as and when required.
  • Represent the BBP strategic position in the Premises working group.

For more information about our objectives, services and background, please go to our website

We are an equal opportunities employer, and particularly welcome applications from people currently underrepresented in the world of bike mechanics including Black and minority ethnic people; LGBTQ+ people; and women.

We welcome applications from anyone, regardless of education or background. If you have a better way of presenting what you have to offer rather than a standard written CV & cover letter then feel free to send us that instead.

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, 13 July, 2022 - 00:00
How to Apply: 

To apply, please send a CV and covering letter - with your identifying details removed (so that your application can be reviewed anonymously) - telling us about your interest in the role and why you would be suitable to We aim to avoid bias as far as possible by reviewing applications anonymously. For this reason, please give your contact details and full name within the email rather than in your CV or cover letter. 

Deadline for applications is midnight on Wednesday 13th July 2022. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Lucia via email to

We aim to confirm if you have been invited to interview by the end of Thursday 14th July. The first round of interviews will take place on 20th or 27th July. You will be sent the questions in advance.

Contact Person: 
Lucia Thompson
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 
Postal Address: 
198-200 Stapleton Rd