Grant a wish! Care home resident would like to see dance show

Alive Activities
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Wednesday, 20 December, 2023 - 15:30
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South West
Details of Role: 

A resident in her 80s living at Gracefields Nursing Home would love to see a dance show. The resident used to love dancing but is now wheelchair bound - it is her dearest wish to see a dance show again! Can you help make this wish a reality?

If so, please contact us on or call 07955 374632. Thank you for being amazing and wanting to grant a wish. 


More info about Wishing Washing Line™ West: 

Wishing Washing Line™ West is an NHS-funded project delivered by Alive, an award-winning charity dedicated to improving the lives of older people and their carers.  

The idea behind Wishing Washing Line™ West is simple: residents of care homes tell us a wish they have, and we connect volunteers from the local community to fulfill them. Volunteers could be individuals, families, organisations or businesses. 

Wishes wary widely, from wanting to play a game of bingo to wanting to speak French to wanting to go on a trip to the beach. See our social media @wwlw to stay up to date on wishes.


Why is this project important? 

It has been an incredibly difficult two and a half years for care home staff and residents. This project seeks to bring moments of happiness to older people in care and to make them feel a part of the community again. Not everyone living in a care home has easy access to the outside world or regular visitors (or any visitors at all!), so it is wonderful to see their wishes being granted by volunteers. 

Please share with anyone you know who might be able to grant this wish.

Thank you.

How to Apply: 

Please contact Maya and Nadja on or call 07955 374632 for more info.

Contact Person: 
Nadja Klose
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 
07955 374632
Postal Address: 
B Bond, Smeaton Rd., Bristol