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£30 per interview, £50 per focus group
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Short term freelance contract.
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Information for Social Researchers - Qualitative Impact Protocol (QuIP)

This QuIP study will require experienced qualitative social researchers who have extensive experience within the UK voluntary, community and social enterprise sector. They must be able to organise and collect narrative stories of change from pre-defined respondents using an approach to impact assessment called the QuIP. This document provides more information on the QuIP approach and details the skills and experience required for undertaking data collection for a QuIP study.

We are seeking to recruit experienced social researchers to undertake 1:1 interviews with selected individuals and organisations in and around Bristol using a semi-structured questionnaire provided by the commissioners. The research will contribute to an impact study for a large public sector organisation in Bristol and will focus on the impact of change and the perceived support for any change experienced by the individuals and the organisations over a set period of time.

This study will use an approach called the Qualitative Impact Protocol (QuIP)[i], an approach pioneered in the international development sector by a University of Bath spin-out, Bath Social & Development Research Ltd [ii](BSDR), and now being applied in the UK context. One of the key features of this approach is the ‘blindfolding’ of researchers in relation to the commissioner and project being evaluated in order to mitigate confirmation bias as far as is possible. For this reason the commissioners of the research will remain anonymous until interviews are completed.

A briefing paper[iii] as well as a set of complete QuIP Guidelines[iv] can be downloaded from BSDR’s website. The guidelines are designed for overseas QuIP studies but it will give you a good overview of the approach, and include examples of the type of interview questions that make up a QuIP questionnaire.

Successful candidates will receive a full day of training on the QuIP approach to data collection by Bath Social & Development Research Ltd, a non-profit research organisation who hold the licence to accredit QuIP researchers via Voscur. You will become part of a UK and international network of QuIP accredited social researchers, enabling you to work on future QuIP studies.

About this contract

The study for which we are recruiting will take place in and around Bristol between  January  and March 2018  and will require each interviewer to undertake up to 12 individual interviews and up to 4 focus groups (the most likely numbers are 8 interviews and 2 focus groups but this will be dependent upon the number of researchers recruited).

Interviewers will be freelance and will be expected to meet all their own costs for tax, insurance and travel from the fixed interview fee.

The evaluation is in relation to community and organisational development, and as such the interview schedule will focus on relevant domains. No more details about the commissioner or the subject of the study can be shared at this stage, but there may be scope to arrange a debrief between researchers and the project delivery team once all the data has been analysed.

Interviews are expected to take between take 45mins-1hour, with an additional 45 minutes allowed for writing up annotated notes based on recordings (verbatim notes are not required).  Interviewers will be given pre-formatted Excel spreadsheets into which the notes data will be entered.  Researchers will be paid £30 per interview (to include note writing up and travel costs to locations in Bristol).




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Sunday, 17 December, 2017 - 23:00
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How to Apply

Please refer to the attached job description and person specification and the QuIP information in the attached document.

Applicants should have experience in qualitative research techniques, preferably within the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in the UK, a full person specification is available. They should also familiarise themselves with the QuIP materials, and demonstrate an understanding of the QuIP approach in their application. Applications by email should include:

  • Details of your qualifications and experience in a CV of maximum 2 pages.  HIghlighting particularly your experience with qualitative research methods and including knowledge of the UK VCSE sector and evidence that you have carried out similar work to a high standard in the past.
  • A covering letter of no more than 2 sides of A4 that includes how you meet the requirement of the person specification and a brief paragraph summarising your initial reactions to the QuIP approach and its application in the UK VCSE sector.
  • The contact details of two referees who know your work as a researcher.
  • Confirmation that you are able to attend a full day of training in Bristol on 30 January 2018 from 09:30 to 16:00.
  • Confirmation that you are able to carry out up to 30 hours work between 1 February and 30 March 2018
  • Confirmation that you have the required arrangements to operate as a freelancer and that you will be responsible for the payment of all taxes and other associated costs.
  • Confirmation that you have no restrictions on your ability to work in the UK.
  • Interviews will last 45 minutes and will be held on 4 January 2018.  Candidates will be notified before Christmas 2017 if they are to be invited to interview. 

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Sarah Pigott
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Voscur Royal Oak House Royal Oak Avenue Bristol BS14GB