Contract Type: 
maximum 2 hours a week
Details of Role: 

Jacari is a charity based in Oxford and Bristol that supports children who speak English as an additional language, by providing them with free 1:1 home tuition. Our volunteer tutors are university students. Jacari's Trustee Board has ultimate responsibility for Jacari and its operations in Oxford and Bristol. We are currently 8 Trustees with diverse backgrounds (teaching, accountancy, academia, IT, law and charity sector). The trustees support our employees (a full-time coordinator in Oxford and two part-time coordinators in Bristol), approximately 300 student volunteers and approximately 300 pupils receiving classes.

We are currently looking for one new trustee to join us. It would be ideal if this person was Bristol-based to help support our rapidly growing operations here. 

The Trustees meet formally once a quarter (usually September, December, March and June) in either Oxford or Bristol for a two hour meeting. Alongside this, each trustee has an individual area of responsibility (fundraising, IT etc) in which they directly help the coordinators. We estimate that Trustees should budget on a one to two hour a week time commitment. 

The skills that we feel could be particularly additive to those of our existing Trustees are:

- Experience of project management
- Experience of line management
- Knowledge of the Bristol volunteering sector landscape or local schools and educational provision
- Experience of fundraising and/or writing funding applications

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, 3 July, 2019 - 15:15
How to Apply: 

To express an interest, send an email to

Contact Person: 
Flo Avery
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 
Postal Address: 
7 Unity Street Bristol BS1 5HH