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Would you like to be part of an exciting venture with the opening of our Free School in South Gloucestershire next year by becoming an Academy Councillor? 


Learn@ MAT are also looking to engage Members, Trustees and Academy Councillors for our other Academies.



  Many employers recognise a role on an Academy Board, at any governance level, as positive experience for their employees.



Our structures are designed to give a healthy oversight and management of our Academies. 




Learn@ Multi-Academy Trust is a specialist Trust which is made up of 2 special schools for young people aged 5-19 years with Social and Emotional Mental Health Needs or Speech, Language and Communication Needs; and 2 Alternative Provisions for primary and secondary aged pupils who are on the brink of being permanently excluded from mainstream school. Many people who look to being Trustees or Members look for the positive feedback of high student achievement, whereas in Learn@ MAT it is about helping and supporting the less privileged and young people who have extremely difficult starts in life. Some unfortunately go on to choose the wrong path in life but we maintain our drive and commitment to give them the best education we can and the best support to make the right choices for their future. If you are the sort of person who does not need a big thank you for doing something extra but will always have the satisfaction of helping the hardest to reach, then these opportunities of voluntary involvement may be for you! Please visit our web-site to see more of our vision and what we do.


The role of a Member:  Members under Company Law receive annual accounts; appoint external auditors; appoint and dismiss Members and Trustees (up to 8 of the 12 in total); make changes to the Memorandum and changes to the Articles of Association. They also provide a check on the Board of Trustees to ensure they are driving the Trust in line with the over arching vision and ethos.The Members will meet twice a year, one of which will be the Annual General Meeting (AGM) open to all stakeholders and the public in general at which the annual accounts will be available for public scrutiny.  Each Member will bring knowledge and experience relevant to at least one key area of Learn@ MAT.

The role of a Trustee:  As a Trustee you provide a strategic oversight to ensure the Trust meets its legal obligations.  Anyone over the age of 18 can be a Trustee and you do not need to be a parent.  There is no requirement for a Trustee to have an understanding of the education system just the necessary skills, character and time to contribute.  The Board meets 6 times a year (termly) with the option of additional meetings if and when necessary.  The average time commitment is between five and eight hours a month.  This includes meetings, background reading and school visits.  On appointment a Trustee will serve a term of three years which can be repeated if approved by a majority of Trustees. You can resign before your term is finished if your circumstances change.  The role of Trustee is voluntary and therefore is not paid but you will be able to claim for travel and other expenses.

The Trustees are a representative group of the wider community with skills across a multitude of key areas necessary to direct an effective educational company. These include accountancy, finance, business management, community cohesion, education and special needs, leadership and management, marketing and PR, legal, organisational change, property and estates managemet and Health and Safety. The Clerk will maintain an up-to-date skills audit of all Trustees and Members and recruit based upon areas where there is less professional experience.


As a Trustee you should be committed to the role and to young people.  You should be confident in having courageous conversation, curious with an enquiring mind, able to challenge the status quo to improve things, collaborative to build strong relationships, provide constructive criticism to improve the work of the Trust and that of the Board of Trustees, creative in problem solving and innovative. 


Overall the Trustees will ensure compliance with all governance and statutory requirements, including ensuring high educational standards, school performance, and pupil outcomes in line with the vision and ethos, alongside a sustainable financial model ensuring reserves are retained across the Academies.


The role of Academy Councillor:  Each Academy in Learn@ MAT has an Academy Council. Whilst an Academy Council elects its own Chair, this appointment must be approved by the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees can ultimately relieve Academy Councillors of their posts if the Board feel they are not performing their duties appropriately or well enough.  On Appoinment an Academy Councillor will serve a term of three years which can be repeated if approved by a majority of the Council.  The Academy Council meets three times per year with the Academy Councillors arranging regular visits during school hours to be visible to the Academy community, monitor progress, offer support to the Senior Leadership Team.


Academy Councils are responsible for ensuring advice is provided to the Trustees on the functioning of their Academy, to act as a link etween the Academy Trust, parents and the Academy community, to act as a sounding board for the Senior Leadership Team and to offer challenging but positive support to the Headteacher, contiually review the overall impact of the Academy and to review the implementation of Academy policies. 


If you are interested in joining the Governing Team of Learn@ MAT, please contact Mr Peter Evans, Chief Executive Officer at or 07749297227. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Thursday, 31 October, 2019 - 16:00
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If you are interested in joining the Governing Team of Learn@ MAT, please contact Mr Peter Evans, Chief Executive Officer at or 07749297227. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Peter Evans
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0117 370 9030
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c/o Knowle DGE Academy Leinster Avenue Knowle Bristol BS4 1NN