FoodCycle Bristol Cooking Project Leader

Voluntary Role
Contract Type: 
Part Time
Details of Role: 

About the opportunity

As a Cooking Project Leader, you will lead on inducting volunteers into the kitchen, facilitating the team, creating recipe ideas and leading on the preparation and cooking of the meal.

You will be responsible for:
•    Running cooking sessions, leading a team of volunteers to create a three-course meal in a limited timeframe.
•    Ensuring the team are following the food safety procedures set out in our kitchen handbook.
•    Inducting new volunteers into the kitchen.
•    Encouraging the whole kitchen team to input into planning a tasty, healthy and nutritionally balanced menu.
•    Communicating with other Project Leaders and the Surplus Food Coordinator to ensure the store of dry/tinned goods is kept well stocked.
•    Completing the weekly checklist in the kitchen handbook and reporting on the session on MyFoodCycle.
•    Reporting any accidents and incidents.
•    Together with the Hosting Project Leader, recognising, responding to and reporting and safeguarding issues or concerns.

You don’t need to have any previous cooking experience, you just need to love food and motivating people!

Skills you'll learn

•    Teamwork: you will work as part of a team to prepare a delicious meal and serve it to our guests.
•    Leadership and delegation: we will train you up to lead cooking sessions and induct new volunteers.
•    Cooking: you will learn how to cater for large numbers of guests and how to make nutritionally balanced meals.
•    Problem solving: you won’t always know what your ingredients will be so you will need to get creative to produce delicious three-course meals.
•    Relationship building: you will be building lasting relationships with your guests and volunteers, ensuring they come back each week.

What to expect from FoodCycle

•    Ongoing, regular visits, support and advice from your Regional Manager
•    A training conference to equip you for your role. Travel, accommodation and food costs covered by FoodCycle.
•    Expenses covered in line with our volunteer policy.
•    Training throughout the year from FoodCycle, including safeguarding and first aid.
•    Impressive skills to add to your CV and a reference if/when you need it.
•    Accredited Level 2 Food Safety qualification provided by FoodCycle.
•    The opportunity to meet a large network of like-minded people.
•    A fun, creative volunteer experience with ownership over a community led project

About FoodCycle

FoodCycle combines surplus food, volunteers and free kitchen spaces to create nutritious, three-course meals for the community.

We have 4 main aims:
•    To strengthen communities, by bringing people together around a healthy meal and creating opportunities to talk, exchange and build lasting relationships.
•    To encourage friendships, by creating spaces for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to have fun together, to share experiences and to meet new people.
•    To improve nutrition and reduce hunger, by cooking healthy meals for those in need and sharing essential information on food and nutrition.
•    To change attitudes towards food and to reduce food waste, by using surplus food and spreading our passion for food and the environment.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for passionate and committed people who hate food waste and want to make a difference in their community!

Practical considerations

We ask that Project Leaders stay with us for a minimum of 9 months, to enable them to get the most out of the role.

As a Cooking Project Leader, you will be expected to:
•    Attend a monthly Project Leader meeting to discuss as a team how things are going
•    Lead a minimum of one session per month
•    Follow all FoodCycle policies and procedures
•    Complete a DBS check and attend safeguarding training
•    Complete Level 2 Food Safety training
•    Complete the project report on our website after leading a session

Closing Date: 
Thursday, 7 November, 2019 - 11:45
How to Apply: 

To apply, email for a Project Leader application form.

Contact Person: 
Yvette Whiffen
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 
07377 866335
Postal Address: 
2.16, The Food Exchange New Covent Garden Market London SW8 5EL