Free Training as a Shibashi Tai Chi Instruction. Help Improve the Health of Your Community

Age UK Bristol
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Part Time
Once you have successfully completed the training we are looking for a volunteer commitment of at least a year, leading a class. The training consists of two training days: Sat 16th May, Saturday 6th June plus weekly home practice and an assessment
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We are looking for people who would like to get involved in their local community, would like to learn something new and then share it with others, We are looking for people from all walks of life and all stages of life, all you need is a commitment to train and practice and to take what you have learnt to others. You dont need any previous experience of Tai Chi, just an interest and willingness to practice and commitment to help us bring Tai Chi to more communities in Bristol to help support people’s health and well-being.

We look for a minimum commitment of one year for anyone taking up this training. We know it can be intimidating to imagine leading a class but we will support you to gain the skills and confidence to share what you have learnt - even if you start with family and friends. 


Please be sure you can attend the 2 training days.  

The training days are as below. In the 3 weeks between these training days you will be expected to practice the form daily at home and attend at least 2 classes with a Shibashi Instructor. (You will be given a list of classes in Bristol and Age Uk Bristol will hold a weekly lunchtime session at their offices in the city centre).


You will be given a download and written instructions to help you practice the form and opportunities to practice with other trainees.


Saturday 16th May 9-5pm

Saturday 6th June 9-5pm

As a part of the training you will be asked to do a short piece of written work. Please do not be put off by this – you will be signposted to all the information you need and there will be help and support available.


If you have any general questions or queries about the process or training, please contact me. If you would like to learn more about this form of Tai Chi - Shibashi please see 

Tai Chi is now sited by the NHS for improving balance and co-ordination in older adults



Closing Date: 
Tuesday, 31 March, 2020 - 11:30
How to Apply: 

To apply please complete this application and submit it before the 31st March.

We can also send out paper copies of the application to complete and return. 

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0117 4404301
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38 Victoria St Bristol BS16BY