Below are the different criteria for types of Voscur membership.

Full membership:

Full membership is open to all community and voluntary groups who:

  • Are based within the Bristol city boundaries and deliver services to individuals or communities in Bristol.
  • Support Voscur's core values.
  • Are formed by people who have come together of their own free will.
  • Are a response to issues regarding the quality and equality of life in Bristol.
  • Are accountable to their members.
  • Are independent (ie are not a national organisation or part of a national organisation)
  • Are not for private or personal profit.

Individual membership:

Individual membership is for individuals that are not part of an organisation/group but who support Voscur's core values. 

Associate membership:

Groups that work more broadly than in Bristol’s VCS (for example, public sector groups, national organisations or groups based outside Bristol) can also join Voscur as Associates.


Organisations and individuals that aren't part of the voluntary sector but have an interest in supporting or working with Voscur and its members can become Supporters. Becoming a Supporter enables individuals, volunteer, service users and charitable, public and private organisations to keep up to date with local issues and initiatives and support cross-sector collaboration. 

For a list of member benefits, please click here

All applications for membership are subject to final approval by the board.