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A snapshot survey of Bristol's community buidings, carried out in June 2016, highlighted the following concerns:

100% of respondents said that they now spend more on maintenance than previously.
Some organisations plan to decrease spending in 2016 - 2017 due to financial contraints.

Half of the organisations who responded said they rely of fundraising for improvements, the other half are able to generate income through other means.

86% of respondents think the amount they spend is insufficient to maintain standards, and there are rarely enough funds for developing building(s) and facilities.
Organisations said that the maintenance work they carry out is “reactive” and “patchy” and some rely solely on volunteers to do this. Any money raised from funding is generally used for programme delivery only, and there were concerns raised around having to take money away from program delivery to use for maintenance in times of extreme need.

More hopefully, 57% said the quality of their facilities has improved, while 14% felt they have deteriorated.
However there was a general sense of concern that reductions or complete losses in funding are having, or may have, a negative effect on the standards of facilities in general. 

Responses were split in terms of the cost for others to hire community buildings/facilities, with 43% of organisations keeping costs the same and 43% having to increase costs. 14% said costs to their beneficiaries has decreased.
There was a strong desire to keep costs to beneficiaries down, but pressures caused by mounting maintenance expenditure and loss of income mean this isn't always possible.