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Nominate a special person in the biggest democratic process for young people in Bristol!
The Bristol Youth Elections for 2017 will take place in January, with nominations opening on September 19th 2016. On 10 February 2017 the returning officer will announce 28 new young members of Bristol City Youth Council, including four young people for the UK Youth Parliament and two Youth Mayors.
This opportunity is open to all young people aged 11 to 18 years, living or going to school in Bristol. 
During September and October Bristol City Council is urging organisations to share this information with young people they know. 
The aim is to increase all young people's involvement in democracy, to encourage young people to stand as a candidate and then support them through the elections if they do.  
There is a promotional wall poster to display at your place of workClick here to download it.
What's in it for young people?
Involvement in the Bristol Youth Elections provides a way of young people democratically campaigning on issues of importance to them and could also lead to young people securing outcomes through new skills and experiences.
It could also be an excellent opportunity for accredited outcomes such as the Youth Voice Award and Duke of Edinburgh sections. If you would like to link with Duke of Edinburgh then please raise this with Bristol City Council's Participation and Involvement Team.

If you know of, or are working with any young people that would like to stand for election then please let the Participation and Involvement Team know.

How can schools, colleges and youth organisations get involved?
Polling will take place during January 2017. Your organisation can help by acting as a polling station and helping to run the election. Bristol City Council's Participation and Involvement team can offer support, information and resources to help promote nominations. 
If your organisation would like to get involved, please contact the Participation and Involvement Team and provide the name of the nominated point of contact for your organisation.  The Participation and Involvement team will contact this person with more information about the process, a clear time-line and more details for candidates.