Bristol based Happy City, working with the New Economics Foundation, What Works Centre for Wellbeing and others, held a national launch of three new tools to measure happiness and wellbeing this week in Bristol. The tools are:

A Happy City Index – aimed to work as a detailed progress report for cities on the conditions for wellbeing. The index looks at city conditions, equality and sustainability. The first index looks at nine cities, including Bristol. Bristol is scored highest of the nine for city conditions and sustainability, but fifth for equality.

Wellworth Tool is a tool that takes existing evaluation information (about health and wellbeing) and converts it into mainstream policy outcomes, such as increased life expectancy, higher educational achievement and improved productivity, including a financial valuation of impact. Happy City are developing the Wellworth Tool,with Exeter Univeristy so there is an opportunity to use the tool for free for a limited number of organisations who become official pilot partners. Contact Ruth Townsley at for more information.

Happiness Pulse is an on line tool for individuals to assess their wellbeing based on questions around ‘be, do, connect, and life in the city.’  There is no charge for individuals using the tool. Organisations can get a unique ‘url’ to use the tool as a way of measuring impact of their work with clients by doing an on line ‘before and after’ questionnaire. The tool can also be used as part of conversations working with a range of clients regarding many aspects of wellbeing.

To find out more about the above tools visit Happy City web site. or email