People dressed in hot pink playing the trumpet in Bristol Streets
Photo by CC-BY 2.0

National Civic Day 2017 has been officially announced by chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Civic Societies, Craig Mackinlay MP and chair of Civic Voice, Joan Humble.
National Civic Day, which will take place next year on Saturday 17 June, is a chance for communities across the country to come together and celebrate the reasons why they love where they live. It is an opportunity to bring about positive changes and to highlight the things that work really well so that they can be replicated and developed in other areas.
The first ever Civic Day was held on 25 June 2011 and involved over 200 community groups across England who put on over 350 events to celebrate where they live. Since then over 1000 community events have been held across England making Civic Day a truly national event.
Craig Mackinlay MP, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Civic Societies said “The great thing about civic pride is that it means something different to everyone. Whether it is clean streets, protected conservation areas, green parks, safe neighbourhoods or friendly people. Civic pride is a good thing but starts with civic action and people getting involved. I urge civic societies and communities from across the country to get involved on 2017."
Joan Humble, chair of Civic Voice said “What do you care about?” “What do you want to protect? What do you want to improve? If we are going to ensure that our conservation areas, towns and cities give everybody living in them a good quality of life, we need everyone to get involved. National Civic Day is the perfect opportunity to use your voice, change your community and to join your local civic society and help grow one of the country’s oldest yet most optimistic, energetic and forward looking social movements.”
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