Is your organisation looking at developing a business plan? For the third year running The University of Bristol is looking for organisations that may be interested in working with their talented and enthusiastic International Development students. 
Here is a brief summary of how the scheme works: 
1. On the International Development course students explore the theory of NGO business planning. They then can choose to undertake research in conjunction with a community partner to develop ideas for a business plan that is presented to their class and assessed. 
2. To participate in the scheme you will need to submit the application form by Friday 9th December 2016. 
3. Students will review these proposals and select their choices in late February/ early March. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your organisation will be chosen. 
4. Students will contact their partner by the end of March to arrange a meeting. 
5. Students may start working on the project earlier but most of the work will be conducted in March and April. 
6. The role of the community partner is to provide guidance and/ or access to relevant information to help inform the business plan. 
7. Students present their findings in class in late April. These are recorded and can be viewed by the community partner. Students may also present their findings directly to the partner and this should be discussed in the first meeting. 
If you have any queries please contact Hannah Tweddell, Sustainability and Engaged Learning Coordinator – If you are interested in applying please fill out the online application form: